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What are mindful moments?

What are mindful moments?

“Self-Reflection is one of the biggest smallest things you can do.”

- Malia Lazu

Some people say, take it one day at a time, but to make it through the days, you have to make it through the moments. Moments in life can feel like unexpected curveballs from fear creeping in or triggers from the past or even just a day full of things to do. Mindfulness isn't about distracting yourself or trying to ignore what's there but taking each moment as it comes and doing your best to be present to the experience.

It's about trying to navigate life more skillfully and using a variety of tools and techniques to assist you in being more awake, alive, and aware in everyday life. It's not about reaching a destination but being present for every thought and emotion throughout the journey. We have to take time to experience all the feelings and thoughts while having our body and mind engaged as one to work through the moment.

creativecalmspace mindful moments candle

I see mindful moments as awareness of the space between two points. You can go straight from one point to the next, but when you're aware and take time to pause, you begin to see the layers between the points. Your mind becomes curious and open to the possibilities of each layer.

Taking a moment to pause and breathe can change how we choose to react to a situation or the next decision we make in our lives. Sometimes things can help facilitate the pause we need, such as a calming smell, a positive phrase, a creative activity, and many other things. It's about the daily practice and incorporating the moments in life.

The creativecalmspace purpose is to provide ways of making moments to be still and pause. Gain focus and add some calmness in our everyday life.