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Story: Making moments matter

CreativeCalmSpace is a collection of thoughtfully handcrafted items to inspire people to create a calming space and make time for moments of mindfulness no matter where you are. We're all constantly coming and going and rarely taking the time to stop and be still. Creating stillness and being mindful isn't only about the everyday practice but the space around you. From the company, you keep to the layout of your environment, and the scents you smell. The right scent from a candle can calm your mood. Viewing inspirational words in the morning can provide a positive outlook for the day. A motivational poster on the wall can be a mantra to remind you of what you're working towards. Let your space promote calmness, provide inspiration, and motivate you to focus on being the best of you.

All items are thoughtfully made and packaged. The candles are made with a blend of soy wax and 100% essential oils to give you a delicate aroma and a clean burn — the scents inspired by nature and travel.

“Life is real and reality is humbling.” -Dave Chappelle

About CreativeCalmSpace Founder, Tesha Richardson


I'm an artist, foodie, big kid at heart, and a designer who has a passion for creating things that inspire and make people smile. Through the years I've learned that life is work and mindfulness is something you have to practice every day. You have to commit to taking moments to quiet the world around you to focus on what matters.

creativecalmspace is inspired by my travels, experiences, and continuous journey of personal growth. Through the last few years, I have worked on practicing mindfulness in my life through various techniques and teachings. It has allowed me to become more intentional, aware, and thoughtful, as well as work through many challenging areas of my life to become a more successful person.

I created the creativecalmspace for people who are putting in the work and trying to be the best versions of themselves. We can't go back and erase the past, and we can't stress ourselves out worrying about the future, but we can work on being present and living in the moment.

I wanted to come up with a way to share and encourage others to do the same. No one thing is the answer, and everything doesn't always work, but one moment of mindfulness can change a day, a week, and perhaps your perspective.

I try to create a calming space wherever I go, and mindfulness is a practice I'm committed too, to make the moments. creativecalmspace is my way of not only continuing to work on myself but share some of the creative things that are working for me.