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creativecalmspace mindful moments kit
creativecalmspace mindful moments kit
Mindful Moments Kit
creativecalmspace mindful moments kit
creativecalmspace mindful kit
Mindful Moments Kit

Mindful Moments Kit


Create a calm, inspiring, and motivating space no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re up in the air, shuffling between destinations or trying to find balance in a hectic day. Take the time to create a moment of mindfulness in your day, by spraying some lavender to create a relaxing space. Carry a relaxing scent with you throughout the day with your lava rock or Palo Santo handmade bracelet. Capture your creative flow with your pocket journal or expel your negative thoughts onto your zen cloth and watch them fade away. Use your lavender sachet in your suitcase, purse, briefcase, backpack, or anywhere you may need a calming scent. Every item thoughtfully designed, and every ingredient was specifically chosen to promote calm, inspire, and motivate.

  • creativecalmspace bag to carry all your thoughtful items
  • Lavender sachet to put wherever you need a calming smell
  • Journal to capture your creative flow
  • Aromatherapy lavender spray to calm the senses
  • Affirmation card to remind you a moment can make a difference
  • Palo Santo bracelet to carry the energy and natural citrus aroma of Palo Santo
  • Lava rock bracelet to make your own wearable aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy mini candle to create a relaxing space wherever you are.
  • Zen cloth to expel your negative thoughts and watch them fade away
  • Water brush to capture your thoughts on your Zen cloth

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